Lovers' Hands

by Rena Small

Lovers’ Hands began in 1989 as gift portraits of family’s hands for weddings, anniversary, birthdays, births, ($...Commissions Welcomed!....) Since I devoted a part of my artistic vision and gave myself the job to photograph notables and artists’ hands, individuals who give part of their life to expressing their personal truths or imagined visions as a tribute to their endeavor….my family so dear to me followed suit. Then I thought, “Hey, what the hell is love?” “Love is a mystery.” My husband, at the time, said, “Love is hard” And it dawned on me, I’ll photograph distinguished couples and ask them for their expert thoughts on their love experience to learn….as a voyeur. A book along with a large scale grid of images woven in a grid continuum style, opposite of E. Muybridge with a heart.

Moments of Love in the 21st Century blossomed into a wider series depicting the presences of love at the moment the photograph was taken, experienced….now and then and through the years of my life with my cameras, for examples: Between humans and their dogs, my son holding a rare pet dragon fly or catching the Solar Eclipse reflected in my palm.

Lovers' Hands and Moments of Love with Hands Collaborating:

  Mom and Dad Miles and Dragonfly
  Mindy and Rob Sandi and her bird feathers
  Amy and Noreen Roger with his butterfly collection
  Sarit and Jeff Sam and his shark teeth
  Gigi and Gary Suzanne and he petrified sunflower
  Marjorie and Herman Lynda and bulbs East Hampton
  Nancy and Len Victor with Gold Leaf
  Dan and Jean Bill with Chip and Battina
  Christo and Jeanne-Claude John and little Bennie
  Marilyn and Joe Curtis crossing his fingers for all
  Kelly and Dan Cheeta w/fruit painting gift from Rena
  Alpha and Jack And more…
  Tony and Cathy WE NEED ALL THE LOVE WE
  Barbara and Ronald CAN GET!
  Georgina and Allan

Copyright Rena Small 2007

  Susan and Richard  
  Craig and Karen Wedding Eve  

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