Johnny Carsons' Curtain

“…My homage to Johnny Carson “Johnny Carson’s’ Curtain Series…  Its’ timeless signature beauty now stands alone.”  In 1984 I flew from NYC to Burbank, CA to document Johnny Carson’s multi-colored curtain at NBC studios with Fred De Cordova’s permission and help from the lighting designer John Thurman— This curtain, Johnny’s curtain attracted me as an artist for it’s original sensual and subtlety of colorful beauty it gave my late night T.V. screen the and serenity of a  painting.  The curtain also marked a historical visual change from black and white to color T.V.  I loved this curtain as much as I loved Johnny Carson.  This was Johnny’s signature curtain and he was the only one who stood before it or even thought of such an idea before.   There has been nothing like it since.  The 6 images include the shows’ five official lighting design cues; Spotlight; Monologue Lighting; Guest lighting; Johnny’s light;  Musical Guest Lighting;   Unofficial :Theatre, almost dark.




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