Permanent Installation 9-5pm Monday-Friday on view in the lower vestibule of the Hiram Johnson Courthouse Building at 455 Golden Gate.

The art is on permanent view. 20 Artists' Hands including: Julius Shulman, Roy Buchman, Matthew Brown, Karen Halverson, Mildred Howard, Rena Small/Self-Portrait, Kathyrn Jacobi, Brian Isobe, Willard Dixon, James McVicker, Alfredo de Batuc, Laurence Dreiband, Richard Mayhew, Richard Misrach, Ann Chamberlain, Martin Wong, Tom Leaver, Naomie Kremer, John Humble, Lukas Felzmann, Ed Ruscha, 7 x 13 feet.

2003-2004     Exhibitions Update Rena Small

Robert Berman Gallery Oct 10-Nov. 8 “Off The Wall” will include three works by Small: “California Card, 2 x 3 ft. postcard collage on canvas finished in resin, “Discarded Moments” a collage created from cutting away bad parts of photographic composition then reassembling abstractly finished with resin 11 x 14 inches, framed in simple wood and an original 20 x 16 inch silver gelatin print from “Artists’ Hands Grid Continuum” Andy Warhol signs a hand painted brillo box in NYC Oct 1985 one of a kind framed in black wood, 22 x 17 inches

Feb 17-March 12, 2004 “Lead into Gold/Images of alchemy in contemporary art” for El Camino College Art Gallery. Included will be 12 20 x 24 inch Self Portrait Polaroids titled: “The Moon is Twelve Colors” depicting a woman peering at 12 different colors symbolizing changing emotion. The pose is the same representing that our bodies on the outside may not show change yet inside emotions are changing


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