Rena Small - Self Portrait

Rena Small is a conceptual artist, using photography and painting to communicate to the audience: Note: Art may be defined as the conscious use of skill, taste and creative imagination in the production of aesthetic objects; also: works so produced by Small use painting, photography, installation, and collage: a skillful plan: SKILL stresses technical knowledge and proficiency; CUNNING suggest ingenuity and subtlety in devising, inventing or executing; art, or cunning, artifice, craft mean the faculty of performing what is devised. ART in its most distinct sense implies a personal, unanalyzable creative power.

Art Projects  

World Trade Center Memorial
Artists' Hands Grid Continuum
Lovers' Hands 1990-2007 and Moments of Love in the 21st Century 2007
Magicians Hands
Race Cards and Playing Card Paintings, Games
Johnny Carson's Curtain
Flag Series: A Piece for Peace
The Moon is Twelve Colors


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Self Portrait
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